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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Guide Your Child in Using Social Networks Like Facebook

I found this topic an important matter to tackle about. Most of us have facebook accounts, right? This have been the giant among social networks so most of us are tempted to register and communicate with the people we knew online, connecting to our long lost friends.

But facebook has changed a lot... I won't exactly point that facebook allow users of bad motives like posting nude pictures and pornographic videos, but I am pointing these issues to users who intentionally created an account at fb for sharing such malicious materials over the vast ground of this very known social network with millions and millions of eyes glimpsing everyday at their homes and offices.

I won't really bother if all facebook users are old enough to understand such materials, we can manage of course, but how about those children below 13 years old? This virtual community is used as pornographic medium already, and that is really a bad news to parents whose children are also addicted to facebook.

How can you protect your child online? How can you protect your child from being influenced by such malicious content that can be seen as new stories everyday at their facebook walls?

Privacy has been an issue long before, yes you can set your account as private, but how can your protect yourself from receiving those contents? How can facebook strictly banned children under 13 years old from registering a new account? Or is this a serious task for parents to protect their children from being brainwashed by social networks uncensored contents? It is a big Yes!

Look around you, you must be aware of the possibilities you might regret in the end... the use of facebook is not bad if it's appropriate, it's not a pornographic site after all, but some are missing the point why they registered for an account there... so protect your child and think of their safety.

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