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Thursday, May 10, 2012

How Can Bloggers Survive With The Google Penguin Attack?

Well, it’s survival of the fittest! During academic examinations, we were tested how far we have gone with a certain course we were taking! Somehow, after we stepped out from our Alma Mater, we would joyfully say it’s over. No, it’s not! The real test is out here. As bloggers, the Google Penguin Update that has been rolling out in the month of April was just like a Dean’s exam… it’s not easy for sure. But, if we have been preparing ourselves, it’s not that terrible.
Google Penguin Update
I have read several tips on how to recover from the effects of the recent penguin updates and I tried my best to digest all of them, I need a shield as much as you need it. And it would be a preparation too for the next roll out, we are not sure when!

Post Penguin Attack Tips:

If you are seriously affected by the attack, I might be right saying that you are terrified, and right now you are experiencing a bad headache. Experiencing bad effects of the Penguin Updates might affect your decisions regarding further optimization of your beloved blog! It's time to sit straight, take a deep breath, if you are just doing the right thing, using the right method in bringing your contents to search engines search results, there is no reason to get troubled. Your blog will be alright.

Over optimization is the reason why your experience a drop of your traffic now! Did you tried to apply such trick to win the race? If yes, try to reconsider being honest. Do not fool Google; they are a lot bigger than you are.

Considering Advices from Web Experts:

I’ve been reading a helpful article at Search Engine Watch last day; I don’t want to give up blogging without enough reason to do so. How deadly is the penguin? No, penguins are friendly, but why they appeared to be not in the shore of the blogosphere?

Lisa Buyer has shared something so useful, she is trying to reach out and spread some positive views about the born of Google Penguin! I mean, are we depending much too Google? Is it part of our day to day living? Can we step out and look beyond the walls? Is there any opportunity lies ahead, outside the thick wall of Google Empire?

Well, let’s consider this:
As has been stated numerous times, Google is one marketing channel. Why limit yourself? Empower the influence of social media and public relations in your marketing mix. Make the news and be the news. – Lisa Buyer at Search Engine Watch
Social Media
What's the use of Social Media? It's the perfect time to get serious with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other flocked social communities on the web! I have just realized the importance of these sites as well, if Google tried to leash us, we got the chance to be free! I just recently wrote a post which includes the the importance of marketing in blogging success - ... Marketing Lead to a Successful Blogging.

Similarly, I stumbled upon with another useful article to help us ease our feelings about the effects of the Google Penguin Update, I guess Dr. Pete at SEOMOZ is more considerate about Google's further step in eliminating poor quality contents on the word wide web! It's about adhering to the notion that "Quality is always the King!" Yes, and Google believes so :)
Isolate the damage, find the problems you can fix, and get to work fixing them. - Dr. Pete at The Daily SEO Blog
Are you used to stuff your blog with poor contents? It's time to wipe them away... stick to quality and Google Penguin would be as friendly as the creature you used to know.

How to fix the damage?

Are you hit? See a substantial damage? Fix it, but make a plan, outline the problem... list them down.

Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Land has written advice and tips for this phenomenon: Google Penguin Update Recovery Tips & Advice.

Image Credits: Simon Howden and smarnad at respectively.
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