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Friday, May 11, 2012

Top 10 Tips on How to Write Quality Post for A Long Term Blogging

Google has a strong and consistent campaign for fresh, helpful and quality contents.
People who are searching through Google are expecting for answers to their queries, yet sometimes, SEO tricks can alter the results. Instead of showing the real solution to search queries, searchers are prompted with results controlled by search engine optimization tricks. What happen to the real answers? They are buried somewhere. There are many pages needed to be scanned before getting what people are truly seeking.

Today, Google itself is starving for quality, that's why the Penguin Update is just one of the medium to extract helpful information from the web by eliminating entries with poor quality. With it's latest update, upon comprehending it deeper, Google would not just skim, but conduct a careful study on every content available on the web. It's not just about picking up frequently used keywords and key phrases, it's about understanding the whole contents. Where do you hear the concept of "Survival of the Fittest"? It's not just happening around us, it's happening in the virtual world, and quality will last among others. In order to survive, you need to understand what quality really means.
Top 10 List

How to write with quality?

The following are tips in writing quality blog post:
  1. Write a precise or specific title. Limit it to 70 characters maximum including spaces.
  2. The title of your post should serve as the thesis itself just like writing academic essays. It is a brief or concise description of what you want to inform your readers.
  3. Write a good introduction. If you have a habit of reading, you would know how writers convinced their readers to continue reading using persuading passages. Make it a guide in writing good composition.
  4. Do not bury your main ideas. Most of the times, readers would love to take a glance at the highlights of your entry. Use bullets or numbers to enumerate key points.
  5. Exploit the richness of your ideas. A blogger is a creative writer himself. Do not try to duplicate contents from other sources, surely, Google trackers like Penguin would surely notice you, instead, craft your own piece using your style. Write creatively, it's your time to shine so you need to show off.
  6. Spice up your post with keywords. But sometimes, the problem lies here. Keywords are effective SEO, however, this would give your content a bad impression if you do not use keywords properly. Think about taking drugs, if you intake medicine out of doctor's prescription, it would give a bad effect on your health, and most likely lead to overdose or worst, addiction. Similarly, the use of excessive keywords would result to keyword stuffing. Hence, use number of keywords that are reasonable enough.
  7. Short entries are readable, yes, but make sure not to compromise the quality of your post. If you want to have a classic entry, shall I say, write pillar-like articles. It's longer, basically more than 500 words. I called it classic because people might find it helpful regardless of time. Find how to write pillar article at
  8. Use visual aids that would help readers digest your message. It's like yeast mixed in a dough. Pictures and graphics will spice up your post specially for longer entries. But, use pictures with restrictions, if you do not feel safe using images downloadable from the web, use your own. That would make you creative enough. If you do not have any, please adhere to copyright policy, always read the copyright notice.
  9. Use other ideas from other sources that would strengthen yours and give your final words, just like a closing paragraph. Quotations or excerpt might be placed at the beginning or in the middle of your entry, or at the closing part. But make sure they are from trusted sources. Back links might harm the health of your blog if you are not sure sources are not credible from the eyes of Google.
  10. Learn the basic function of HTML at Learn what is the difference of anchor text from URL and practice how to use them properly in linking back. Learn how to use 'nofollow' tag, alt attribute for image and
    anchor text
    . Learn the basic web design to become a competent blogger. What's really unforgettable experience is the endeavor to become even better.
These are helpful basic tips in writing a quality blog entry for your readers. Well, there are too many tips available, but do not get overwhelmed, it would stressed you out. Concentrate on few or formulate your own base on their ideas and your actual experiences.
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