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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Richness of Ideas - A Strong Foundation of a Better Blogging

Difficulty is in its way. If you want to dig up a pit in the ground, expect that it won't be as easy as digging a hole in the shore.
What is the most possible reason why we grab a pen and a paper, and start penning down sentences? That is simply because we hold an abundance of ideas that makes us productive in our own ways. The richness of our ideas helps us realize the things that we see and imagine. In fact, the world has came this far because we hold much of it.

The richness of ideas is innate to all of us.

Richness of Ideas
It's innate, so you have it. But how if you don't see it coming? Do you have problem delivering your opinion? The reason behind difficulty is the lack of practice. It's building up, resources would yield nothing if they are not put in a proper use, and so does your chance to use your intellect.

How to build up the richness of your ideas?

Sitting and talking about senseless thing is the most unproductive thing one can do to his life. He is like expecting a drought to come with nothing at hand. In order to have a bountiful harvest, you have to weed and water and so on. My point is that, put your mind at a pace that would not make your brain outdated. Enhance yourself in a way that you can freely express the things that make you distinctive as a person. We possess different qualities and that make us special, find it in you as I am seeking it in me.

How did I build up the richness of my ideas?

Difficulty is in its way. If you want to dig up a pit in the ground, expect that it won't be as easy as digging a hole in the shore. Well, learning can be dull at first, but resist to that feeling and you will find what you are seeking for.

Learning Tips:

  • Make reading and writing a part of your daily routine. If you are as well building up your blog, it's time to share your best interest to your readers. How can you able to make that? Write well. Make use of your rich ideas by writing great contents.
  • Do not depend on your own abilities, learn from others and make an observation. Ask yourselves about the things that they have done best making them productive.
  • Make an innovation, copy their style but make sure that you preserve your own. It is just like breeding, and yours will become a hybrid-- and you would come out much stronger.
  • Make use of what you have learned. Apply it, not just in your writing, apply it repeatedly. Read more and write more. Be an addict to learning. Do not forget to use resources and materials that would make learning enjoyable.

Playing with Thesaurus - a way to build up the richness of your vocabulary.

Do not leave unfamiliar word, grab a dictionary or thesaurus, find its meaning. I love playing a 'thesaurus game', I would pick up a new word, list it on a paper and note down all it's possible meaning and synonyms, etc.
Thesaurus - Building the Richness of Your Ideas
Well, ready for your blogging career? Just exploit the richness of your ideas and you will be on the go!

Reading, Writing, Constant Learning will give you the chance to write well and share more.

Since blogging has a strong connection to writing, down to our skills in shaping grammatical sentences and persuasive paragraphs, why not use available resources out there to help you become a better blogger? Your number one mission in building your blog is sharing fresh and great contents.
Effective writing skills are to a writer what petrol is to a car. Like the petrol and car relationship, without solid skills writers cannot move ahead. - Friedman


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