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Friday, December 16, 2011

I Am Yours

After a day of work, I need to regain strength. Missing someone can really a hard thing to get back enough fuel for the body, I must say emotionally. But we are here to struggle, we are here to live as happily as we can be... it's possible.

Today I witnessed the abundance of life, I witnessed love yet I also witnessed hate that make me exhausted, and made me hungry for His words, for His promise.

This song says "I am the flower quickly fading..." Yes, I am, but who gives me the fertile earth, enough water and warm rays of the sun to make me bloom again the next rising sun?

Shortcomings? It's inevitable. Mistakes? We are humans. What's important, surrender and say "I am yours."

"I am yours Almighty Father." Everything will be in order with you!

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