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Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Book of Thanks

The book of thanks weighed a lot more heavier than several pieces of gold... how come kindness are forgotten by many when in fact they won't dig deep and spend life to possess it? And so as being grateful? One cannot be kind if he won't feel the appreciation deep inside himself, hence he won't be truly rich.

I had a conversation with my colleague, and I brought her up an important topic. We discussed about giving an expression of gratitude to the person who show benevolence to someone or to us.

The main issue, why other people are so numb to do not even feel the care? Is that the main reason they can't even utter 'thanks'?

I won't mention name, but this one don't. If you do not appreciate, if you do not feel anything, you will not be blessed. Kindness? You will eventually find the scarcity of it.

Life, it's about being grateful... life, it's about counting even the smallest thing you have right now, rejoice in it.

(Quotation I wrote above is inspired by a fiction story about the book of thanks that was sold a lot higher than several pieces of gold, it was during my high school days when I really loved reading the kind of stories and tales. It was purely fiction but I know the message was real.)

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