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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Feed Love with Trust

Feed love with trust and it will grow enduring.

What it takes to be happy? I know you will answer me various answers. People have different criteria about a happy life. A happy life consist of many things, but what are the basic ones?

People struggle everyday to at least provide their basic needs, but that won't be enough to make one happy. Shelter, food, clothing, even sex won't make us happy... As I've reviewed Maslow's hierarchy of needs, I will stop at love and belonging.

Love and belonging will make you see how beautiful the world is, it will bring colors to your life.

I won't focus on two couple ended up a fairy tale love story this time, I want to extend love on a wider concept. How many people around you? Did you belong to them or do you belong only to yourself?

Here comes trust. Trust makes love grow stronger. We are loving by nature, but how can we nurture that feeling? My answer, feed love with trust... and it will grow enduring.

You belong because you are loved and trusted. But one hurtful question, what it takes to win ones' trust? Is that too expensive only few can afford?

Can you let someone starve for trust even in his utmost best to win yours?

I was betrayed but once again I let myself healed by love. Trust? I am not that selfish not to give mine... I know one, two, three or even more people deserve it.

Read Maslow's hierarchy of needs

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