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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Write Fast without Internet Connection Using Offline Blog Editors

What are offline blog editors? These are simply software intended for you to write, edit and publish post without an internet connection. Have you ever wonder drafting a post without the temptation of other social activities such as going to twitter or facebook instead?
What are the benefits of using blog editor?
Blogger has been a very good blogging platform, it's post editor is dynamic. Every now and then, it automatically saves your post without saving it manually, in a couple of seconds I guess. No way of worrying you will lost an entire paragraph, however, am here to give you some alternatives. There are still some benefits bloggers can get of using blog editors. Here are some important considerations:
  • When your offline. There are instances that you can't control it from ruining your online career. So wait for it to come back, or use offline editor.
  • When your internet connection is slow. Do you want to embed videos or upload images to your post? You can't do that easily with a slow connection, you have to wait.
  • Write without waiting. This is synonymous to a slow connection! Opening your online post editor, provided by your blog platform cost your time. Alternatively, use offline blog editor and write as fast as you can without loading time problem!
  • Copy and Paste Easily. This is one of the important features. Even at blogger post editor, if I copied a written post in a word document, it would give me text without line breaks. But with this alternative, no formatting change.
So what now? Well, you can try one of the best blog editors that can be downloaded for free and safely installed in your PC. Here are some recommendations:
    According to David Risley,
  • Windows Live Writer is the best for Windows, and
  • Marsedit for Mac.
What is Windows Live Writer?
Windows Live Writer is brought to us by Microsoft for Windows. If you are trusting Microsoft for a long time now, so am sure you can with this dynamic desktop application. You can create a compelling post and it would work best with the existing blogging platform you use including blogger, wordpress and more. You can download this for free via cnet or softonic.
What is Marsedit?
Marsedit, they say, is great for Mac users and integrates best with your blogging software or platform. It has a spell-checker, drafts and more features and functions. However, unlike the first one, you will only enjoy 30-day free trial. After that period, you are asked to get the license. But if it will help you grow your blogging career, why not? Download it at red-sweater.
See you:)
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