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Friday, July 6, 2012

How to Use Twitter Hashtags to Search for Blogging Tips and Tools

Twitter Hashtags are markers for important keywords and phrases. If you marked them with hashtag, it will be searchable, so people can see it and follow or click your link. Today, twitter is abundant with so many helpful tweets if you are looking for tips and tools for blogging. Twitter Search will lead you to blogs and sites you need to boost your blogging career!
How to use Twitter Hashtags?
Think of an important keyword or a key phrase. Type it on the search box, say #bloggingtips, phrase are typed without spaces.
Let me share my honest opinion about twitter before. I used to be there, but am not engaging to something. Am a total ghost. I hope you know what I mean. I have no interaction, my intention was to only get several followers for my blog. But not now. Recently, twitter and facebook integrated each other for better users' experience. Since then, I used to appreciate both social networks, until such time I learned to use hashtags to search helpful tweets and links to people who have same interests or activities with mine. I used to use the hashtags for search purposes.
Learn more about Hashtags secrets!
  • Firstly, Find useful blog tips and tools using hashtags. Search for your favorite topics with #keywords or #phrase. Aside from using Google to find for helpful topics and related blog or website, today you can enjoy querying twitter.
  • Secondly, Promote your tweets using hashtags. How can you promote your articles, tweets anyway? How can you make it searchable by some other users? By putting hashtags before a keyword or phrase without space/s, you make it searchable. Some people may find your tweets helpful.
Am using hashtags for my tweets now?
I want to be honest here. No, not yet. I have known this upon visiting my twitter account last time, so what I said about the promotion of your tweets is a mere assumption. Am going to find that out soon, hope you too. One of my future topics is about my experiment regarding this.

For the time being, we already know that we can search helpful blog tips and tools via twitter using hashtags, and, most likely, marking our tweet keywords or phrase with hashtags will send good traffic to our blog. See? Help me validate this.

See you:)
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