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Monday, April 16, 2012

BannerSnack - Free Banner Maker for Your Blogspot Blogs

While blogging, it is good to enjoy the free resources that are really awesome for a better blogging experience.
One of the most important parts of your blog is your header. It's better to know on how to customize it. Since I started blogging, I am a kind of person that is always looking for satisfaction, so I always experiment several of my test blogs, and customizing the header is one thing I learned.

Do you have a boring header? Looking dull? Well, I guess you need to learn more about creating a banner perfect for your theme or blog template.

After using several free banner makers online, I stumbled upon this free banner maker which allow you to make flash banners, gif images or what we called animated banners, or simple banners like I got here at SB...

What is it? It's BannerSnack

Bragging about my experience, you can create an account at BannerSnack instantly using facebook, and they have just recently updated the whole site and it loads faster!

What else?

Update: After enjoying bannersnack, it's about going premium as I can only download new or existing banner again with watermark. But it's not a problem at all, make a banner with allowance, say 250x250, make it like 270x270, and crop 250x250 after downloading it :)

Read the tutorial on how to exactly edit banners with watermark: How to Edit or Remove Watermark from Downloaded BannerSnack Banners?
  • You can edit your existing banners anytime.
  • You can download gif banners without watermarks or branding (so they look really yours).
  • You can create new banners instantly with different sizes, and colors!
  • You can add your images, you can use their free cliparts, well, you can do a lot of customization!

I am sure there's a lot more, so why not try it?

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