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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

3 Important Characteristics of the Best Blog Address or URL

You cannot create a blog without a unique blog address or what we called URL.

It is exactly like saving an Excel or a Word document in your computer, whether you choose to save it in hard drive C or D.

Exactly, your blog address is your blog file name on the web, readers or searchers can only access your blog through that address.

Hence, it is very important to create the best blog URL that is correctly blended to what is your blog all about.

Blog URL's 3 Important Characteristics:

  • Appealing
  • Memorable and Readable
  • Easy to Spell

Related Points to Consider:

  • The correct blending of your blog address to what is your blog all about.
  • The permanent use of your Blogspot URL at the early stage of blogging.
  • The decision to buy a custom domain for your blog.

Understanding the Key Points:

Your blog address is your blog contents at first look. Is it worth clicking? Does it attract readers to read your content? Is it memorable? Is it readable? It is easy to spell?

Why consider these?

  • There are pretty women that are not attractive to the eyes of men; these ladies have less sex appeal, and so there are great blogs that are not intriguing to the eyes of readers, so find that ‘sexy’ word or words that would entice readers to read yours.
  • Your blog URL must be memorable, I have visited great blogs before but I find it hard to revisit them because I totally forget their addresses. Short addresses are easier to remember than longer ones.
  • It should be readable, often times it goes with memorability, do not create a blog address that is a total stranger to the eyes of your potential readers.
  • Is your blog address easy to spell? Few readers might go back to your blog by typing your blog address at their browser’s address bar. How if they misspelled it?
  • Including hyphens (-) and numbers (0,1,2 etc.) often times make your address hard to spell correctly.

    I often times insert the hyphens after my, which later gave me a blog not found!

Going Further:

How to blend your blog address to your blog contents?
When you see a box with printed pictures of apples on it, what do you think are inside the box? Apples, right?

What would be your reaction when you visit a blog with an address of when in fact the blog is all about cooking recipes?

You might go back or close the tab because you are looking for apples and not the cooking stuff.
Why use a permanent Blogspot URL when you are not yet using a custom domain?
Blogger clearly states that if your change your blog’s URL, you release the old URL for other bloggers to use.


Later changed to:

You can change your blog URL by going to Setting >> Publishing >> Blog Address, but it is not recommended to perform such action when you are using for more than a month or so because you already have few readers.

Definitely, you will lose your few hundred readers or page views, is that bad?

Your blog address might be taken by someone else and all links to your posts will be no longer available and it’s called dead or broken links.
What if you already want to use a custom domain after several months of dedicated blogging?
Blogger allow you to host your blog with a custom domain, and this time you are safe because your Blogspot URL will be redirected to your custom address.

Example: will be redirected to
and will be redirected to

Effect: If you have a Google page rank of 1 or 2 with your Blogspot address, your blog will go back to PR 0, but that’s not a big deal this time. (To be discussed next)

Why you need to host your blog on a custom domain?

It is your blog’s brand and identity, and your blog will become more reputable in the blogosphere and search engines.

.com is the best extension for your perfect blog address.

Example: which is subject for availability

If you are going to look for several popular blogs on the web, then you will see they are all hosting their blogs on a custom domain.

Luckily, Blogger let's you host your custom domain free of charge!

Points to Remember:

Your blog address is a very important part of your blog, you cannot publish anything on the web without a file name. When you have several post already, your blog address acts just like a folder in your computer, and all your posts are documents saved in it.

This time, you are not just the one to use it, so make it friendly for everybody by applying few important characteristics as discussed.

Nevertheless, when it comes to blogging, the quality of your posts is always on top of the list! You can read 5 Steps on How to Begin Writing Quality Post for Blogspot Blog!


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