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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

When The Heart Grow Cold - Day 3

"Faith is not something to grasp, it is a state to grow into." ~ Mohandas Gandhi

Here we go, so far I am so happy for the result of the first and the second day of The One-Week Self-Evaluation Activity, and in Do I Know Myself? - Day 2, I've learned a lot from your viewpoints. Today, I want to share to you a mail containing her rich thoughts about the matter.

I’m not so sure that I’m the most inspiring person. If I list down all the bad things that have happened to me, you will be bored with all the drama. But I think sometimes it’s also good to look back on the bad things in our lives and find out how a person who used to be an innocent child grew up and learned to hate, to judge others, to fight back, and to do other sorts of wrong things, big or small.

These situations have affected who we are. At least I know, it has affected who I am, and occasionally the outcome is not so good. I admit that sometimes bad experiences make my heart grow cold. Understanding these circumstances, applying solutions for them, trying to let them go, and also trying to avoid the same effects in future conditions is a lot to do. But I think all it takes is just a little bit of effort for myself and a whole lot of faith, and I’ll get there.

I evaluate myself in that manner. I first look at the roots, where things came from. Hardships are part of being human. That's probably one of the things I need to look at myself. I let bad things affect me in a bad way. So, I'd like to share the same question with you. Have you ever had any hardships or bad days that have affected you in the wrong way until now?

Have you ever had any hardships or bad days that have affected you in the wrong way until now?

I do, I have few, or to be honest I have many hardships that eventually led me to the wrong way. But I learned that life is short and we have to make the best of it, if I would continue to travel in the dark with the unknown direction, then I will have all the reasons to be bitter. I had a recent fight with my brother, but as a younger one, I never step out from his home not to open my heart and ask a sincere apology for what had happened, I had a sleepless night reckoning the incident and I smiled when I know I never had held any hatred inside.

Anyway, I am extending my sincere gratitude to Heide, the Author and Designer of Random Hi_D for her sincere participation of the self-evaluation activity right here at SB!

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Recommended Reading: Self-Reckoning
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