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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mistake Is Not a Sin - Day 4

Let's start this day with a question previously asked at When The Heart Grow Cold - Day 3. Answers were generously shared by you which are then the main subject for today. A piece was also written so timely to help us uplift our spirit!

Have you ever had any hardships or bad days that have affected you in the wrong way until now? If so, how did you overcome them?
  • Along the way, I face some hardships but I endure it. Whenever I face hardships, I think of it positively and that will be a turning point for me to see the blessings behind it. ~ Balqis
  • life has never been kind on me! all my achievements have come at a cost of grit and perseverance... ~ Rohit
  • Gain so much lesson on it and it makes me a better and stronger person... ~ Will of Heart
  • I've been into many hardship before and until now experiencing hardship, but because I believe that it's part of out [our] journey, I never get tired and stop in doing all the best I could. Because I know that someday everything would be fine... ~ Sagitarrian
  • I always say bad days taught me to value good days even more... ~ Saru Singhal
  • Hardships are part and parcel of life. However, they have consequences. I believe that hardship either makes us or breaks us. Facing difficulties makes us more confident. On the other hand our inability to bear certain situations can also lead us to wrong path. But to err is human. Making mistakes is not a sin but ignoring it and making excuses are. We have to learn from our mistakes, make amends if possible and try to lead a better life. ~ Sui generis Writer

We are human, we face imperfections, that make us respond to hardships negatively, but as our friend Sui generis Writer had put an emphasis to it, making mistakes is not a sin but ignoring it and making excuses are. It has a big impact on me, sometimes I fail to look at the good side of my flaws, because behind them are lessons worth learning.

Lastly, I am glad to share to a piece that will let us reflect and reckon the days we struggled hard to live.

We all see different colors of life
They are sometimes black sometimes white
But both are wonderful in their light
Because there are no stars without a dark sky.
Life is not lived for just a day
Neither is it a tale of hundreds
Life is just an empty shell
For you to fill in the substance.

The above are part of the uplifting masterpiece written by Sui which you can read here: Stop running away! My gratitude Sui.

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