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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I Humbly Ask Him to Drive Me Home

Running low of gas?
Striding along lack of faith?
God paces behind you.

After responding and visiting my blogger friends' blogs, and while talking to the one precious to me, I spend my time listening to a song that made me teary and lift up my heart once again after the things that I had been through this time.

(I respect all my blogger friends about their faith and belief, this song I am going to share is not about religion, this is about faith, this is about one and the same God we all have.)

I asked myself, did I run low on my faith? Same question I asked last week, last day, or even last morning. I keep on asking (Mat. 7:7) because I want answer, an answer that will make some difference of the one I had before...

But if I want a difference today, right now, I am not patient enough then... I need time. I need more time, what sounds better, I already make a way to it.

I am not perfect and I was tailed with imperfections lately... but I don't want to drive myself in nowhere... so why should I not ask Him to drive for me in the most difficult times of my life? I know I will be home safe.

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