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Sunday, August 4, 2013

How to Make More Money on Adsense by Building More Niche Blogs?

This is the first day of our new blog project. And since SB is my first blog ever – I will use this as my live journal for that blog project that is all about beauty. It’s all about women and beauty related topics because we found out that women tend to spend money on products that will keep them healthy, in good shape, and beautiful all day long. We have some great plans with this new blog I and my blog partner have set.

So, where is money? This is an affiliate niche blog but we will combine the power of Adsense. It means that we will use both monetization forms! We will review products and use Adsense ad units, as well, in few pages of our blog!

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The more, the merrier. You know, some successful Adsense publishers use several blogs to make money on Adsense… we will use that same pattern! We will create more niche blogs to make money on Adsense and this is just the start… in fact I myself have seen this potential because I already tried this with few blogs that I owned and the result is good!

Stay tuned because I will be posting some more tips along the progress of this new blog project! My partner will purchase the domain and I will take care about the design! This is the first day and I got the theme!

See you. 
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