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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Value of Patience in Blogging Success

Our words for the day is Patience and Blogging Success. These two terms are so common, yet, there are people who don't know the real meaning of it. I will tell you why is that patience is linked to blogging very closely.
Why the blogosphere needs patient bloggers?
  • The blogosphere loves competition - how can one competes if he gave up in the first place?
  • Blogging is a real challenge. You will have a downturns of your traffic anytime.
  • Would you give up if all your blog readers ran away somewhere?
  • Would you give up publishing contents seeing no comment on your posts? No. You should keep on blogging.
  • Time constraint. Your hectic schedule can seemingly grab your chance of writing new, but, you can continue blogging by considering a good time management.
  • The thinking to produce the greatest post ever. Well, a magic post comes anytime, just write, just share helpful thoughts in your head without worrying it would go viral.
  • Google Page Rank is 0 or going down. Alexa putting you at the last. Worry not. Keep away from them for a reasonable period, blog often and comeback. There would be some significant change for sure.
  • And - do not compare your blog to the well-established ones. They are there before you know what is blogging about. They knew the "thing" piece by piece. You are here to start your own, do your steps.
  • When answering your examinations, looking at your classmates, tracking what page of they are will make your worry, and you might answer less than the items given. In blogging, don't run out of time by looking at the other, checking where they are. Mind your own!
  • Listen to the expert, but do not set aside your ideas. There are to many "how to make money blogging" or "how to blog traffic" tutorials around, but you cannot apply all of them. Decide, and choose just few and work on it a little harder. Results might be delayed, so - be patient.
  • Patience? It's all that we have. Without it, we would give up, abandon or deactivate our blog, without any hope for success. Blog, just blog and success is waiting anytime. It's survival in the huge blogosphere!
Am writing this thoughts today, because sometimes, in my blogging career, like most of the beginners, am disappointed or thought of giving up for some reasons. But every end of the day, like my life offline, I must be patient or I would look forward for nothing. As an accountancy student, my professor told us: before we can reach the peak, there's a lot of sacrifices and headaches. That's true. I have do no doubt - so just keep on moving. There might be boring days, but do something to make it alive. We are on the same shoes. You are not alone. Stay positive!

See you:)
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