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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

3 Steps to Make Your Blog and Webpages Print Friendly

Are you planning to make your blog and webpages print friendly? That's not a problem at all because you can do that in 3 EASY steps. You don't need to be an expert or geek about codes and HTML - any blogger can make his blog print friendly.

What to do?

Sit back, and do this simple steps in front of your PC :)
Go to printfriendly to choose a button for your blog.
  1. Select the site type, or the blog platform.
  2. Choose style - do you want buttons or links with printer icon?
  3. You're almost finished - if you choose blogger, you can allow printfriendly to add the widget by clicking "Install Blog Widget" or you can manually add the HTML codes to your blog template.
  4. If you choose the latter, then they have a pretty simple tutorial for you too:)
  5. It's easy so do it - if you want to make your blog print friendly for your readers. Simply paste the codes just after this as shown in the screenshot provided.
<div class='post-footer'>

Why use this widget?

Sometimes, or oftentimes depending to how helpful our article or post is - our loyal readers would love to print a copy of our post, to give them some extra convenience, we can easily provide them a print friendly version of our webpages in a single click! Here is the sample:

  • Readers can able to print your post - or download a PDF copy.
  • Readers can adjust the texts - they can actually choose to have a bigger texts sizes.
  • They can email your post to their friends and colleagues.
  • They can choose to remove images and undo changes.
Do you want to grab the button? Do it now!

See you guys :) a short SB updates from me - Prime Aque
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