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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Do You Think Facebook Browser Would Work Better than Mozilla or Chrome?

Facebook Browser Versus Chrome
Am trying to catch up with the latest news this morning, and since I am addicted to Facebook as well - the news about the coming of its very owned browser excite me in many ways.

I have no problem browsing Facebook using Mozilla, Chrome or Internet Explorer, well it's so friendly with all the present browsers available. But how about Facebook Browser? It's not just the social network, but it's about our entire browsing experience... What's the edge? If they are planning to have their own browser, they must have something new to us! It's exciting of course.

According to my trusted social media sites, such as Mashable and Pocket-lint, Facebook would acquire Opera Browsers! Instead of starting from scratch, they have a great advantage of buying Opera Browsers because it has over 200 million users worldwide in the present, as they claimed it.

What would be the future of Chrome? Which appeared to be on top! According to Mashable, Google Chrome is now the No. 1 browser in the world! In fairness, I have used Chrome of several months, but since I love tweaking my blog, I found out that most of my CSS styles won't properly worked at Chrome so I stick to Mozilla, checking my output at IE as well, but I also realized just now - since Chrome is widely used above all, I have to use it to check if my blog looks good in there!

But let's talk about the future of these current browsers? Would Facebook Browser would kick out Chrome at its current position? We would know in the coming days!

Let's talk about Opera Browsers, as in Opera Mini - Facebook is trying it's best to penetrate the world, since people are not just using their desktop or laptop in browsing, they would try to make mobile browsing experience at it's best! I know, as I browse Facebook at my mobile almost everyday, Facebook Apps is not enough, Facebook browsers specially for mobile phones would - Opera Mini would work best if it's true that FB would buy the Opera Browser!

Anyway, as of now, it's a rumor (Mashable Author Sam Laird says) - let's wait for the next news, exciting right?
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