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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Create and Generate Facebook, Twitter and Other Social Networks Fonts

We are talking about the fonts styles used in Facebook, Twitter, Google and other social networks you love. These fonts styles are used in their logos. But do you think it's possible to generate one like facebook? It's possible.

Why generate Facebook font?

If you love customizing your blog's set of social icons like facebook, you can create and download the facebook font so easily. You don't have to guess whether Facebook or else Twitter font styles as I have found a very useful tool for generating them.

Font Me Me let you generate you favorite social networks' fonts.

Fonts generated in Font Me Me are .png images, meaning they have transparent backgrounds, you have no problem in placing them on you blog as they will inherit the background of your chosen template.

Use your favorite color.

You can customize their colors, you can freely use your favorite colors, or the set of colors within your blog template.


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