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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Life, I Live -Chapter III


When you are weak, don’t deceive yourself to be not. Accept that you are troubled, and you will find the exit, and eventually you will be heading towards the source of your strength.

Wings was a silent-type guy. He did not talk that much, yet they often had private conversations with Grace. Any sign of special treatment? Well, Grace treated him just like Rose; she knew that he was still coping with the lost of his twin brother. The two were perfect buddies, and she could better understand the situation.

After several days, Grace found out something. She was not sure about it, but she felt different with him. Was she in loved with Wings? She should not be. Even Rose insisted that she only treated Wings as her brother, but she knew exactly that her cousin had feelings for Wings… Rose was madly in love with William, and only Wings could best play his role. They were just the same.

She saw several video of William, mostly beach hang outs, and the twin brothers shared things in common. The way they talked, the way they laughed, and the way they liked things.

One day, Grace caught his gaze. But she was sure not to fall in love with this stranger—he was still to her, even Rose knew her well, but the short time they were together were not enough. She was really cautious about having relationship with somebody she did not know well.

The situation was too complicated. She had so many dreams, and it could not be stopped by her emotion. At least she knew exactly that she was not the subject, it’s Rose. She must keep silent. Along the way, she knew, she would definitely look after Wings just any other guy—nothing special.

What if he would insist? Honestly, she admitted she did not know how to resist. This guy was like her favorite cake she barely tasted, his tempting her, but no, she would resist.

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