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Monday, January 23, 2012

What Awaits Us In The Year of The Water Dragon?

According to the International Business Times, Dragon is a symbol of good fortune and it is regarded as the Divine Beast of the Chinese Tradition.

Well today we are going to talk about the good fortune that awaits us for this fresh year of 2012. Are we going to really be lucky? Who knows the answer?

Are we going to listen and believe to the Feng Shui Master? Are they really giving us the compass of our life, the direction we must follow to get a better life in the end?

Who among you believe that Feng Shui are quiet rational done being just a simple superstition?

But who among you understand the true meaning of Feng Shui? I myself is still a stranger to it, but tonight we will see how Feng Sui can affects our life.

Feng Shui is all about the way that we live in harmonize with the nature, benefiting from the ‘positive’ energies in our living environment. By enhancing the relationship between people and their environment we find that the correct combination will create an ability to absorb the ‘Ch’i’ or cosmic energy. ~

It is clear that is no magic. It has nothing to do with us if we are not going to work out our best. What I love about this, it's not just about ourselves as inhabitants of this earth alone, it's about us being part of this earth.

It's absorbing positive energies, as such negative vibes would be just nowhere to capture us. If we are fueled with positive energies, stressful moments are not big deals to stumble us down when they are like storm hitting us to the ground.

What is cosmic Energy? Why it is important to us? (

1. Cosmic is energy is the life force.
2. This Cosmic Energy is essential to maintain the order of our life and to expand our Consciousness.
3. Cosmic Energy is the base for all our actions and functions.

Being part of the environment helps us receive this energy, of course this could not be absorbed through joining hang-outs with your friends. Most of the times, when people are down, they go to party. They drink, they dance, they have intimate moments with the people they think can solve their problem, for me it's not. It's not the solution to refuel oneself.

Sleep can relaxed us, it can refuel us for the next day, that's why people need sleep, we cannot just live without letting our unconsciousness conquer us. But it's not about the word unconsciousness alone, but we need to empty our mind at least. We cannot absorb such positive energies if our mind is occupied with the things that trouble us.

Total silence, while doing this we are able to muse and reflect. while doing this, we are able to just let go of the bad and accommodates the good things inside us. And it can perfectly done somewhere where the temptation of the noises of the technology of man is nowhere.

No, I am not the expert here, the expert are the people who can apply and live with this.

The bottom line is: The Year of the Water Dragon is a big Chance for us to receive the Positive or the Cosmic Energy. Miracle won't happen. If we can live harmoniously, if we can have the perfect or at least a proper balance with our life, success awaits us with less doubt.

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