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Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Cinquain - Happiness

Hi there, as promised I got you here the response of the talk about in town ~ The Cinquain Challenge!

Cheerful, delightful, gleeful
Laughing, giggling, rejoicing
Laughter is the secret of longevity

All of us can try this poetic style, I gladly scribbled this down after I cleaned my desk at work. See? I may not be the best of the challengers but I enjoyed what I did, that what really counts!

First line - Noun
Second Line - 3 adjectives
Third Line - 3 ing for of the verb or what we call gerunds
Fourth Line - 1 complete sentence that describes/relates to the first line
Fifth Line - The synonyms of the first line

Secret: consult or your handy thesaurus and dictionary will do. See you guys.

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