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Monday, December 19, 2011

The Prayer

Typhoon Sendong hit Cagayan de Oro and nearby areas and cities... it just didn't damaged properties but killed many lives, I don't like mentioning the figure here.

I heard about this and watched the news, I sat in front of the television till the end holding back my tears.

Properties can be replaced, but those poor fellows, mostly women and children cannot be brought back again after Typhoon Sendong ceased their precious lives.

Tonight I want to sincerely to talk to You Father. I just want to see their bereaved families stay strong in the midst of that tragedy. No one expect it to happen, all of them are not ready to say goodbye. I want them to be healed with Your love and grace, I pray that the letting go will be much easier for them to go on with the rest of their lives. We live for all the good things and the bad... I pray that despite of that sorrowful chapter, they won't stop seeking the bright side of their lives... their loved ones' journey had ended for this earthy home, but their quest is not yet over. Strengthen them Father. Let them draw closer to you...

Please join me...

(Please search Typhoon Sendong 2011 if you want to read about it.)

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