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Friday, November 18, 2011

Why Your Mom Is So Special To You?

No gift to your mother can ever equal her gift to you - life (anonymous)

Did you ever thank God for giving us the most wonderful gift in our life? It is not the things we achieved… Without this person, we would never see how beautiful life is.

In the very first place, this story reflects mine, yet we might share the same. I am simply going to brag to you the qualities of my Mother making her so special to me as a son.

I would proudly say she is the best mother for me. Honestly, I would be out of words when I am going to try to describe why she is. Even I am on my own this time, but the memories that I had with her when I was a child were so vivid on me. She simply cares and loves me no other person can ever do, and that is for always.

I got the chance to be with her again last November 1st and 2nd when I went home, though I saw an older Mother, with several strands of white hair, but she is as strong as I knew her when I woke up every morning when I was on my grade school days, she was there alive and kicking for me with the table ready.

I love my Mom, I may not the best son, or any better, but I love my Mom and wish to see her happy. I wish to see her strong through the coming days, and I wish that she will have more and more years to be with me, with my brother and sisters, with her grandsons and granddaughters.

Though my family was striving to live in the midst of crisis, I know she and my Father shared happy moments together for having us. I and Mom, with my niece never miss the chance to visit my father's grave that time, and there, we brought him some flowers and candles. I wanted to thank him once again, for loving my mother until his last breath.

There might be unfulfilled dreams, but I got the strength to carry on at least one of them for my Mom, and I whispered to his grave that I wont leave her, I am just like her little son longing for her tender care and touch. I know Father was about to get away all his worries.

This day might not be the celebration for Mothers' Day, but if you are going to ask me, everyday is a special day for all mothers. This is a tribute to all mothers.

Can you tell me why your Mother is so special to you?

Quote Source: 50 Inspirational Quotes (for Mothers)

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